Facial Aesthetics
Assoc. Prof. Cengiz ESER MD

Face Lift Surgery

Face lift operation is one of the leading rejuvenation methods applied to middle-aged men and women. This method is the most permanent facial rejuvenation method known. There are many face lift surgeries described, ranging from the superficial method, in which only the skin is tightened, to the deep plan method, in which the entire face is lifted over the bone and placed in its new place. Which method will be applied to which patient is determined by the physician according to the patient's needs and wishes. The surgery takes approximately 3 hours on average.

Will there be any scars after a face lift?

In general, facelift surgery is performed with an incision extending from the front line of the ear to the back and hair. If it is done correctly, there will be an invisible scar in the long run.

What is an endoscopic face lift?

In the endoscopic facelift concept, approximately 1-2 cm incisions are made in the temple and forehead areas and special endoscopic tools are used. It is one of the ideal methods, especially for lifting the upper face up. The process is almost the same as a post-operative face lift.
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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about Face Lift Surgery for you. You can always contact us for more detailed information.

Thanks to the long-acting local anesthetics applied especially to the incision areas during the surgery, there is no post-operative pain.
There is usually no bruising after the surgery, but there may be swelling. In order to minimize swelling, we give edema-reducing medications during and after surgery. In addition, the shape of the face is ensured by using a face mask for approximately 1 week.
Procedures such as face lift and fat filling, stem cell application, laser, liposuction, bichectomy, and brow lift can be performed in the same session.
In face lift surgery, time is turned back. In other words, the patient's face looks approximately 5-10 years younger. The process is permanent.
After the surgery, patients stay in the hospital for one day and wear a face mask for a week. At the end of the first week, the necessary stitches are removed and the patient can return to work.
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